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About Snyder's Valley View Farm
My main objective in starting this farming venture back in 1997, was to provide my family and friends with a quality source for safe meat.  We are all familiar with the meat recalls involving e-coli and samonella bacterial contamination.  You are all aware of the practice of large cattle feedlots raising their cattle by taking them off pasture and confining them in feed lots where they are fed a high calorie, low vitamin, low mineral diet, adding antibiotics and growth hormones to stimulate them to grow faster.  These animals are living in the same type of conditions that cause stress and high cholesterol in humans.  They are fed a high calorie diet, cooped up in small unsanitary pens with little opportunity for exercise, crowded together with hundreds of other cattle, causing them to become stressed.  Is it any wonder that nutritionists recommend cutting back on the amount of red meat in your diet?

​Our farming philosophy begins with our soil.  You may be familiar with the term "terroir".  This term is used mainly in the wine industry, and it means that the area, or territory, on which the grapes were grown imparts certain flavors to the grapes, and thus influences the  final flavor of the wine produced from those grapes.   This term "terroir" can also apply to beef, as the final flavor of the beef is determined by the characteristics of the soil on which the cattle graze.  With this in mind, we are very careful on how we treat our soil, being very careful not to disrupt the very delicate top layer of soil which contains all the microscopic life forms that are essential in maintaining the proper level of nutrients is the soil.
Our animals are raised under a Rotational Grazing system, which means that I am attempting to mimic natural prairie ecosystems, thereby eliminating the need to supplement the animal's feed with grains grown as row crops (corn, oats, etc).   The practice of raising row crops contributes to soil erosion and increased uses of pesticides and herbicides and petroleum based fertilizers​.  Our cattle are raised on pasture with plenty of room for exercise and very little stress.  Their diet consists of  grasses, clovers forbs, and other naturally occurring forages, which are high in vitamins, minerals and protein.

The Belted Galloway Cattle are known for their ability to produce lean, tender, flavorful meat when raised in a grass based farming system, which enhances personal health, rural communities and the natural environment.

Our beef is marketed directly to health and diet conscious people who are looking for high quality beef to serve themselves and their families.  We sell freezer beef by the quarter and half; it will be available only in the fall of the year.  We have ground beef available at all times, it is frozen in 1# packages.  (See the ad on our products page).  Our meats are processed by a local state inspected, family run facility, and can be cut and wrapped to your specifications

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