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Belted Galloway Cattle

We currently have several Registered Belted Galloway Breeding stock available for sale, including our herd bull Hav-A-Belt Xavier, and cows of various ages.  Call or email us to see what we have available at the present time.
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This 16 month old Beltie Heifer was sold in Nov. 2013  She was  pasture exposed to our herd bull "Yogi". 

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This is a photo of our two sheep guard dogs.  The  one on the left photo is "Tank", the one o  the right is "Teddy".  They are Great Pyrenese Guard Dogs, abour eight months old in this picture.  They do a great job of protecting the sheep and our other animals from coyotes and other predators.
This is one of our 2014 heifer calves.

We  now have a good supply of our grassfed ground beef for sale.  It is available in one pound  packages for $5.00 per pound.
​We are also taking orders for quarters of beef, $425.00 per quarter, available in Spring 2018.